Friday, March 9, 2012


Welcome to the 
Ocean Township High School Class of '72 Blog.

Make sure to follow us to be 'in the know' about our upcoming reunion and more!!

The first organizational meeting will be held on March 20th at 7PM. If you want to join us drop an email to and let us know. We'll be happy to send you directions to the meeting.

Our new email address is up and running too!! Have a question, comment, suggestion, or more??? Contact us at and one of us will answer.

Who is the 'us' and 'we' I speak of? Currently it is Patti (Hockenbury) Coyle, Deb (Hathaway) Hunter, Linda (Brower) Canter, and Rosemary (Caponigro) Smentkowski. The list may change as time goes on... but for now we are it. If YOU would be interested in maintaining this site for a spell don't hesitate to SPEAK UP!

Now... it's time to UPDATE our records. Please send all new addresses and information to for us to keep our database current.

Please pass this site and email address on to anyone and everyone you know from our class. Not everyone is on facebook... not everyone has internet access. We need YOUR HELP to track us all down.

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