Class of '72 Tribute Page

Please take a moment to reflect on the names below. These are classmates who sadly have passed... all too soon. Remember them, keep them in your hearts for there they will remain alive forever.

If you have any stories to share, please send them along to our email address... We will make sure your stories and tributes are posted on this page.

In addition, if you are privy to the whereabouts of their resting place please let us know. During our reunion weekend a commemorative will be placed on their site if possible. Any one wishing to join in placing it, please drop us a line. They are still a part of us... the proud OTHS Class of 1972.

Everyone who steps into our lives, no matter how briefly has helped to shape the people we are today. Each and everyone of the names below has helped me become the adult I am now... I am thankful and humbled.


Steven Ross

John Boyd

Neil Brandwene

Michael Catalano

John Doering

Brian Finn

R. Scott Gladden

Kathleen Kenny Tomasulo
Gail Scimeca

Hillary Stupp

Celeste Vaccaro
I mostly remember Celeste's infectious smile. As I sit on the bench emblazoned with her name in Allenhurst, I reflect on my own troubles. Many tears have been shed on that bench. However: when I am ready to leave, I stoke her name with my index finger, take a deep breath and smile a huge Celeste smile, knowing I will be O.K. - DHH

Robert Wilson
Harold Goldberg

Robert Schuler

Willian Joseph Riccadella

Robert J Torsiello

Bob Kornacki

Debbie Burnell Morton

Brian Murphy

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