Monday, March 26, 2012

Big RED???

Call me silly (or just very old) but I don't remember any one calling our teams BIG RED. Do you??? Weren't our school colors Blue and Red back in 1972? Or am I just feeble minded? When did it change to Red and White? Can any one answer??? And what happened to the letter "T" on the varsity letter??

The REUNION PLANNING COMMITTEE is still working out the last few details of our upcoming 40th reunion. Just a few more days and we will have the day and place set in stone.

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O! T! H! S! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reunion Committee meets!

Hi all! We just wanted you all to know the reunion committee met tonight (Tuesday) and do not quite have a firm date for the reunion. We batted around a few options... and now we have to check if the venue we are considering is available before we send out a SAVE THE DATE.

In the meantime... we are sending a shout out to all of you to SPEAK UP! This is YOUR reunion. What would make this reunion a huge hit for you??? Would you be interested in attending other get togethers during the weekend? A reunion dinner one night, a picnic the next day, meet at the beach? If held in the fall how about going to the homecoming football game? Send us your ideas and suggestions.

We are working hard to keep the price of this event 'attainable' for everyone. Under consideration is using a venue where we can provide our own bar and catering. To that end we are looking for anyone who might have 'connections', or would be willing to 'sponsor' a portion of the reunion. Do you know a caterer? Have a wine and/or beer supplier with great prices? Have you always wanted to buy balloons for decoration? How about kazoos... want to buy 100 and donate them? Don't be shy... now's the time to let us know.

Also... once we have a date we will look in to getting a block of rooms with discounted rates at local hotels. In addition... would any of you be willing to host a class member in a spare room? Let us know!!

Leave a comment below... or email us at

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Friday, March 9, 2012


Welcome to the 
Ocean Township High School Class of '72 Blog.

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The first organizational meeting will be held on March 20th at 7PM. If you want to join us drop an email to and let us know. We'll be happy to send you directions to the meeting.

Our new email address is up and running too!! Have a question, comment, suggestion, or more??? Contact us at and one of us will answer.

Who is the 'us' and 'we' I speak of? Currently it is Patti (Hockenbury) Coyle, Deb (Hathaway) Hunter, Linda (Brower) Canter, and Rosemary (Caponigro) Smentkowski. The list may change as time goes on... but for now we are it. If YOU would be interested in maintaining this site for a spell don't hesitate to SPEAK UP!

Now... it's time to UPDATE our records. Please send all new addresses and information to for us to keep our database current.

Please pass this site and email address on to anyone and everyone you know from our class. Not everyone is on facebook... not everyone has internet access. We need YOUR HELP to track us all down.