Classmates Still Missing

Where are they???

Following is a list of classmates with no snail mail or email information on file. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people please direct them to our email addy: to update their info.

We are striving for 100% attendance at this milestone reunion!!! We know it will be difficult with all of our crazy work and life schedules... but let's at least get EVERYONE'S updated information so we can all be in touch.

Come on CLASS OF '72... We can do this!!!

Russell Abell
Gary A. Adams
Debbie Barlow (Amato)
Susan M. Barr
Lucy Bellavia
James Bentley
Greg V. Bernhardt
Paul Beutel
Jean Bilyou
Robert N. Bowden
Connie Bracey (Walker)
Jessica G. Bregman
Douglas G. Brown
Timothy J. Bruno
Bonnie C. Buerck
Harry F. Buerck, III
Bruce Cannell
Catherine M. Carelli
Vincent O. Cecilione, Jr
Deborah Chambrone
Denis Cohalan, III
Ellen S. Cohn
Barbara I. Dailey
Cathy Dello (Hauke)
Michael R. Dello
Elizabeth Dishon
Margaret A. Diviney
James R. Dononvan
Liz Dykstra
Eric S. Epstein
Janet Fagan
William J. Fraher
Susan L. Frenville
Lillian Frizino
Antonio Gomes
Richard S. Greenhill
Diana Hagerman (Rusin)
R. Terry Hagerman
Carolyn Harchar
Richard T. Hauke
Kathryn M. Hellwege
Guy W. Henry
Melody C. Hughes
Michael J. Johnson
Victoria K. Johnson
Lorraine Kaehler
Denis J. Klein
Rodger L. Knisley
Martin Koitz
Taryn Kroll
Barney LaBella
Richard Lawton
Regina Lennon
Marilyn E. Levy
Gerald J. MacReynolds
Barbara F. Maron
Kathleen Martin (Kirchner)
Thomas Martini
Linda McDonald
Michele Messina
Yolanda Morgan
Kathryn A. Murphy
Mark R. Murphy
Kevin Nolan
Joan K. Nordstrom
Penny Nungesser
Timothy E. O'Donnell
Jane E. Polston
Susan M. Quigley
Keven S. Reardon
Rolf Reindl
Jeffrey D. Robbins
Michael Rudd
Marian Salem
Nina J. Schroeder
Katherine Scrivanich
Douglas Sickles
Judith Singer (Goodman)
Oliver Smith
Debra J. Solly
Shelley E. Stern
Leslie D. Stevens
William C. Stevens
Maurice M. Taylor
Arlene E. Trueger
T. Randall Tucker
John M. Walston
Mary Ann Wellner
Marilyn Wolfe
Catherine R. Zahner
Cory L. Zane

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  1. Gary and Pat (Patty) Boe live on a farm they bought 5 years from their marriage, She's an FB member as "Patty Boe"